Coquette Aesthetic

Coquette Aesthetic

What Outfits Girls Can Wear to Get the Coquette Aesthetic Look


Coquette aesthetic — it's everywhere these days. And we're not just talking about on Instagram. This popular style is all about being feminine, flirtatious, and having fun with fashion.


So, how do you get the coquette aesthetic look? Well, it's all about choosing the right clothing and accessories. Here are some of our top picks:


1.   Retro Cute Puff Sleeve Dress


Checkered dresses are probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of coquette style. After all, they're the perfect mix of sweet and sassy. But if you really want to channel your inner coquette, go for a puff sleeve dress. They're girly and fun, and they'll make you feel like you're living in a fairytale.


This Retro Cute Puff Sleeve Dress comes in three color options: blue-yellow, purple-blue, and yellow-purple. All these colors compliment each other beautifully, and they'll definitely make you stand out from the crowd.


Pair this dress with a pair of Mary Jane heels and a cute headband, and you're good to go! Or, if you're feeling extra coquette-ish, add a pair of white socks and some lace gloves.


2.   Cute Bandage Chiffon Mini Dress


A bandage dress that's both form-fitting and flowy? Sign us up! This Cute Bandage Chiffon Mini Dress is made from high-quality chiffon material and has an adjustable drawstring waist, so you can cinch it in to create a more coquettish look.


This pretty little dress comes in the colors black, white, and pink. And it's perfect for a day or night out. Just add some strappy heels and dangly earrings, and you're all set!


You can also wear this dress with a cardigan or jacket over top for a more demure look. No matter how you style it, you're sure to look like a coquette goddess.


3.   Soft Girl Sleeveless Dress


Nothing screams coquette quite like a pastel dress. This Soft Girl Sleeveless Dress comes in the perfect floral print, and it's adorned with delicate lace details. It also has a flattering neckline and is the ideal length for showing off your legs.


This dress is perfect for a spring or summer day. Just add a pair of sandals and some dainty jewelry, and you're good to go! You can also wear an extreme crop top over this dress for a more coquette-ish look.


4.   White Floral Mini Dress


If sleeveless isn't your thing, then this White Floral Mini Dress is a great alternative. It has short puffed sleeves and is made from a lightweight fabric, so you'll stay cool and comfortable all day long.


This dress comes in a beautiful white floral print and has a flattering fit. It's perfect for a day out or even for a more formal occasion. Just add some heels and a statement necklace, and you'll be sure to turn heads.


5.   Retro Lace Knit Dress


Lace knit dresses aren't appreciated nearly enough. They're so pretty and delicate, and they have a coquettish vibe that's hard to resist. This Retro Lace Knit Dress is made from high-quality material, and it's sure to become one of your favorite dresses.


This dress comes in an off-white color, and it has a flattering fit. It's perfect for when you want to look your best, and it will definitely turn heads. The coquette aesthetic is all about looking pretty and feminine, and this dress helps you achieve that perfectly. Just add some nude heels and some dainty jewelry, and you're good to go!


Final Thoughts


Whether you were inspired by Olivia Rodrigo's Instagram feed or you've been a coquette at heart all your life, we hope this article has given you some ideas on how to achieve the aesthetic. Clothing-wise, it's all about choosing pretty dresses and accessorizing with dainty jewelry and shoes. And don't forget to have fun with it!


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