Cottagecore Aesthetic Clothes

Cottagecore Aesthetic Clothes

Cottagecore clothes  – is a love for countryside aesthetics.

Romanticizing the country life of the ’60s, everything vintage, flowery, and embroidery. Wearing your grandmother's dresses, scarves and napkins will perfectly describe Cottagecore style.

The main details of this soft style are picnic baskets, straw hats, fresh pastries, flat light shoes and sandals, and slowers in the hair.

Cottagecore representatives are fans of vintage style, slow fashion, and rural aesthetics.

Cottagecore's main motives are a sense of unity with nature and the desire to enjoy the simple pleasures of the moment. Since the foundation of this style - comfort and convenience - natural cotton, wool, and linen fabrics are highly regarded.

Cottagecore style represents an escape from busy reality and urban stress. To create cottagecore style, try to imagine and idealize living in the countryside 50 years ago.

Cozy clothes, light dresses, the crackle of the fire, home baking, picnics, collecting flowers will help you understand the nature of Cottagecore.

It's about focusing only on the good aspects of life, which will help you escape from reality.

Cottagecore is more than just a style of clothing but a lifestyle.

Light dresses, lace tops, floral prints, and picnics in the fields are the key components of the trendy cottagecore ideology.

The Cottagecore style first appeared on Instagram in 2018 but filled the social media in the spring of 2020.

Representatives of cottagecore attempt to avoid city life, consumer culture, and the general race for trends. Observing nature, reading, keeping a diary, caring for animals and plants, walking in the woods, and cycling are all examples of the cottagecore concept.

Main shades of this style are:

  • Warm
  • Pastel
  • Light
  • Soft

Representatives are usually young people from 17 to 25 years old who are fond of nature and the little joys of life. The most important goal for them is to portray a romantic, if not fantastic, picture of rural life in their social accounts.

Fans of the style also sew their own clothes. It is essential for them to sew their own clothes out of natural materials, crochet or knit, and make their own jewelry.


Natural cloth items (cotton, linen, hemp fabric, jute) are becoming more and more available in secondhand stores and small boutiques.

To find such material and to begin making your own cottagecore style, find a material that will feel soft and fine on the skin. Jewelry should be made with your own hands from natural materials, crocheted or knitted.

Cottagecore girls enjoy adorning their hairstyles or hair with unusual accessories. To begin with, it is practical: whether you spend all day in the field or in the sun, you would need a hat or cap. Second, it is attractive and transforms every picture into a more romanticized cottagecore style.

To better understand this kind of style, we recommend you to watch these TV shows and movies:

  • Anne with an e
  • Kiki’s Delivery Service
  • Call me by your name
  • Anne of Green Gables
  • Howl’s moving castle




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