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Female grunge outfits

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Female grunge outfits

If you're looking for a female grunge outfit, you'll want to focus on a few key pieces. First, you'll need a pair of ripped jeans. Second, you'll need a loose-fitting, plaid flannel shirt. Third, you'll need a worn-out pair of Converse sneakers. To complete the look, add a few accessories, such as a choker necklace and a leather wristband. And don't forget to messy up your hair! With these essential items, you'll be sure to look like the ultimate grunge goddess.

What are Female Grunge Outfits?

In simple words, the word grunge refers to the things that are messy or dirty. So, this dressing style is messy and has roots in the music industry. Grunge styling is a trend that emerged around the '80s and gained popularity in the '90s. However, the musicians mainly backed this style because they presented it as a bold and careless look. Due to increased demand, fashion made its way onto the runways. There are the following things that act as a trademark of grunge aesthetic clothes:

Heavy layers

Flannel shirts

Ripped denim

Oversized silhouettes


And slouchy sweater


But over the years, the grunge aesthetic evolved and surprised the world. So, in recent times, many designers have been involved in making it even more popular.

Factors that make grunge fashion:

After hearing the word grunge, the thing that crosses our mind is distressed denim or baggy silhouettes. But many other factors make this look perfect and classy. So, let’s look:

  • Shoes: If you want to create a perfect grunge look, you shouldn't forget your feet. Typically, the grunge shoes are big, bulky, and flat. So, you can wear any style that goes best with your look. Apart from this, platform shoes, combat boots, and flatform sandals add more color to the canvas.
  • Makeup: You can’t complete the look without talking about makeup. You can go with a bold or minimal look that goes best with your appearance. Moreover, you can create a striking look with berry, chocolate, or wine color lipstick. Apart from this, smudged eyeliner and lashing mascara complete the look.
  • Grunge hair accessories: You can't ace a grunge look without paying attention to hairstyling and accessories. So, you can go with a messy bun or little greasy hair. Apart from this, messy waves are also a good idea that adds drama to the look. You also have the option of adding bangs to the face.

If you want to be a style icon of grunge aesthetics, fear that your items are clashing. So, try to add unique colors, whether it's in makeup, clothes, or hair accessories.

What are different styles of Female Gunge Outfits?

Grunge fashion has been back in style since 2017, and it has evolved much over the years. So, here are different styles that help to make a killer look:

Soft grunge:

It has become a favorite style after the comeback of grunge aesthetics. In soft grunge, you can blend modern and lighter appearances. Above all, you can try this without revamping your whole wardrobe. For instance, you can ace the look with soft grunge outfits by blending them with ripped or flared jeans.

80’S grunge:

It's interesting to ace the 80s style in 2021, as it's a new decade with updated trends and fashions. The 80s grunge offers a wide range of styles for both men and women. Above all, the 80s grunge aesthetic clothes are inspired by punk fashion like t-shirts, mom jeans, leather jackets, etc. All these things make it look casual yet trendy.

Pastel grunge:

The name shows that pastel grunge consists of light colors that help to create soft looks. Moreover, you can hint at colors like black, pink, blue, yellow, or purple. In simple words, this style is less intense and helps to create a softer look by using pastel tones. Apart from these styles, there are the following other ideas to ace the grunge look:


Grunge style

Highlighted features

Cute grunge

Complete look with a plaid shirt, t-shirt, or dark printed dress.

Indie grunge

Complete look by using crop top, long coats, denim, or leather jackets

Vintage style

Ace the look by using oversized coats paired with long maxis, oversized jackets, and beanie


Apart from this, there is a new look named PUNK grunge. You can ace the look by using pastel hues in this style, but you can pair it up with silver or metal jewelry. Moreover, the makeup style is bold with lots of piercings.

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