Indie Style Clothing

Indie Style Clothing

What is Indie Aesthetic Clothes?

Have you ever checked out the indie section of your favorite online clothing store? If not, you're missing out on some seriously cool clothes. Indie style clothing is unique and eclectic, and it's a great way to express your personal style. Whether you're looking for something new to wear to school or an outfit for a special occasion, indie style clothing has you covered. So take a peek at the latest offerings and see if anything catches your eye! You won't be disappointed.

Indie Kids

Indie kids – are those who represent the Indie Aesthetics.

“Being an indie kid is being the main character of your life” is what representatives of this outstanding aesthetic say.

The indie kids are influenced by a variety of aesthetics like grunge, kidcore, and art. If you will look, you will find each aesthetic's details. This combination made indie kid style outstanding.

Indie Aesthetics

Indie Aesthetics is being highly influenced by music, especially bands, which represent this style as Wallows, Clairo, The 1975, Dayglow, Tilly and The Wall, and Of the Monsters and Men.

Another thing that Indie aesthetic representatives do is Supporting independent fashion designers, for example, which enables them to make decisions that are consistent with their ideals. Or supporting locally made films, music, and art, which influences their taste and helps them open a new world of art. Indie films are frequently less traditional due to fewer constraints. Therefore, an independent artist has complete creative expression, which is highly appreciated in their society.

To clearly understand what Indie Aesthetics is, it's important to remember that there is no one main standard for this kind of style. Indie is all about expressing your individuality through your clothes.

You should choose, which unique pieces will let people know who you are without you having to say something. It better be something bright or outstanding.

This may be anything from a sweatshirt with anime print to a striped yellow and red t-shirt.

Indie Kids believe, that in order to find your unique bright style, you should trust your instincts rather than fashion trends.

You can easily spot an indie kid when he or she is with a group of his friends. This person will most likely be wearing something bright or won’t just fit into the crowd with his outstanding outfit.

Mainly, Indie kids wear such details as hand made accessories like braided bracelets or beaded jewelry, they wear lots of elastic bands and hairpins as they believe, that the term "indie style" is sometimes used to refer to our childhood memories. Hair beads are another intriguing choice. Making a thin pigtail and tying a few bits to it is no surprise for Indie Kid. You can spot how Indie kids wear different shoelaces, socks, or even shoes(not completely different, but they should resemble each other)

Indie Girls use to wear bright flowery or striped tops, DIY jeans, and colorful jackets.

The essence of Indie Aesthetics is to find yourself and to make yourself shine, which means to be outstanding – to be the main character of your own life.

Main colors of Indie aesthetics:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue


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