What Is a Soft Girl

What Is a Soft Girl

What Is a Soft Girl

A soft girl is a fashion style, popular among young women on social media, characterized by pastel colors, vintage clothes, embroidery, and an overall feeling of cuteness. While the style originated on Tumblr, it has since spread to other platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. Soft girls are often associated with plants and nature, and they often take selfies with flowers in their hair. The aesthetic is also sometimes called "cottagecore" or "grandma chic." While the style is largely aesthetic, it also has political undertones; many soft girls are feminists and LGBTQ+ allies. The style is also popular among people who enjoy alternative fashion styles such as goth or punk. Whether you're a soft girl yourself or you just appreciate the aesthetic, there's no doubt that this trend is here to stay.

What is the starter pack for soft girls?

Beauty isn't about having a pretty face. It is about having a beautiful mind to follow your dream path."

There are so many reactions, things, and styles that complete the look of Soft Girl, and if you are interested in adding those styles in life, then it is good to have proper guidance. Usually, Soft Girl borrows their style line from anime series and video games; after that, they use social platforms to influence others.

Elements that include in the starter pack

soft girl starter pack | egirl starter packAs we already know that there are so many things that are important if we want to create any unique look. So, to explain the starter pack, here are the elements that complete the look to create a perfect Soft Girl style.

The above four factors are essential to decide your style, and there is no doubt that everything starts with the edgy look and chunky style.

What are the styling ways to flaunt the Soft Girl elements perfectly?

“Perfect girls can do anything and do not hesitate to follow the desired path.”

Now we have discussed the essential elements to create the perfect look for e-girls. Most of the things are already in your closet; you need the right direction to flaunt the look.

Soft girl makeup styles

soft girl makeup

Makeup is one of the most factors to give a unique touch and to define the look. The makeup look can be look based on your taste and aesthetic, but still, there are some standard features. The highlighted part of makeup is pink eyeshadow, dramatic winged eyeliner, and hearts under your eyes.

They focus on the cheeks to create the pinkish or reddish look. Soft Girl have essential use of highlighter to highlight the face areas, and then they add pink lipstick or lip-gloss to complete the look with style.

Soft girl outfit styles

Soft Girl outfits are one of the essential things to recognize because their clothes have a specific style and look. Soft Girl like to wear baggy, dark color and anime printed clothes to create the 80's or 90's look. The rainbow colors are standard for soft girls, and they excessively use those in the clothes. Along with the rainbow color dresses, they add transparent tops, high-waisted jeans, anime printed shirts, and flared pants to complete the look. Darkwave witchy style clothes are also favorite for them, and they pair it up with the baggy style bottoms for the perfect look. 

Soft girl hairstyles

Soft Girl collect the hefty amount of hearts and positive reviews at their social platforms, and it is all because of their unique hairstyles. Soft Girl like to dye their hair with vibrant fashion colors to highlight, and bob-cutting adds more creativity in it. In the most common style, e-girls like to wear half-pigtails and colorful streaks dye.

Soft girl Accessories

Last but not least, because it is one of the most critical factors to rock the look flawlessly. If you are wearing an ideal e-girl outfit with perfect makeup and hairstyle but are not carrying the right accessories, then your look is useless. E-girls like to wear chains on their hips, necks, and strings are dripping from your ears. No e-girl look complete without the right amount of chains and belts. Rimless Glasses, anime jewelry, chunky sneakers with the combination of the punk belt are best to flaunt the look with style.







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