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Grunge shirts are an essential component of the grunge aesthetic, exuding a sense of nonchalance and effortless cool. These shirts often feature band logos, vintage graphics, or bold prints, and tend to have a distressed or faded appearance. Key styles include oversized flannels, worn-in band tees, and long-sleeve thermals, which reflect the movement's origins in Seattle's alternative music scene.

When styling grunge shirts, embrace the art of layering by pairing them with other pieces that align with the grunge ethos. You could wear a vintage band tee underneath an open flannel, or layer a long-sleeve thermal under a denim jacket. Complete the look with grunge-inspired bottoms like ripped jeans or cargo pants, and finish it off with some sturdy combat boots or classic sneakers. Remember, the grunge look is all about individuality and rejecting societal norms, so don't be afraid to mix and match pieces that resonate with your personal style.

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