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The Old Money aesthetic draws inspiration from the 1920s, a time when American families exhibited greater wealth and refinement than today. This fashion style borrows elements from European aristocracy and follows trends from cities such as Paris and London, resulting in an elegant, classical look with high-quality attire. Key pieces for this aesthetic include well-cut white shirts, tweed and woolen blazers, cashmere or merino wool sweaters, pleated or slim-cut pants in shades of black, grey, charcoal, tan, and white, loafers, two-toned slingback pumps, knit polo shirts, and straight-cut jeans.

In contrast to the flashy, logo-emblazoned styles associated with new money, the Old Money aesthetic is often described as "quiet luxury," characterized by preppy, monochromatic, and covertly luxurious clothing. To achieve this look, wear classic pieces such as blazers, dress shirts, and trousers, which remain timeless and elegant, and avoid flashy or trendy items.

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