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Spacecore aesthetic is a subculture that is inspired by outer space, science fiction, and futuristic themes. It often includes elements of neon colors, metallic accents, and sci-fi-inspired graphics. Here are some examples of spacecore-inspired outfits:

  1. A metallic silver or gold jumpsuit paired with neon sneakers and a chunky belt
  2. A neon green or pink crop top paired with high-waisted silver or black pants and ankle boots
  3. A graphic t-shirt with a sci-fi-inspired design, paired with black skinny jeans and combat boots
  4. A silver or black minidress with metallic accents, paired with knee-high boots and statement earrings
  5. A neon green or blue oversized hoodie paired with black joggers and sneakers

Accessories such as chokers, sunglasses, and silver or gold jewelry can also be added to complete the spacecore aesthetic. The most important thing is to wear what makes you feel confident and inspired, and to express your own unique style.

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