Egirl Aesthetic Clothes

Egirl Aesthetic Clothes

What is E-girl style?

“Create your style… Let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.”

(Anna Wintour)

E-girl style of clothing is a new trend of town, and if you use social media or any other digital platform, you must be familiar with it. The technological era in which we are living has introduced so many new trends and styles that are inspiring youth. E-girl clothing is one of those trends in which people follow certain kind of dressing style to create their new group of subcultures. The characteristics of this style of apparel are the same as the "emo," and now people name it as "e-girl style."

What is an e-girl?

The e-girl exit on the internet and it is a short form of the "electronic girl." The people who follow this style of clothing are usually teenagers or little older than that. They create their subculture on the internet and spend most of their time using social platforms. E-girl style is the sensation of social media, and they have millions of fans following. Isn't it a surprising fact to know? If you search the "girl" hashtag and you will come to know that there are more than 600,000 posts.

It is hard to define the factors that make someone an e-girl, but we can describe them by their look. The following factors mostly characterize the recognition of e-girl;

  • An interest in video games/memes or anime
  • Colored hair
  • And heavy makeup with specific hairstyle and outfit

    What are the elements of the e-girl style?

    As previously, we stated what is an e-girl, and now we are going to elaborate it further. People who are interested to know more about the e-girl style, e-girl outfits then they are at the right spot.

    E-girls style elements

    There are the following things that include in the styling of an e-girl; all these styling factors make an attractive look.

    E-girl outfit

    The main and one of the essential parts of the e-girl clothing is their outfits. They usually like to wear oversized t-shirts or mesh tops. The typical costume of an e-girl also includes net's upper with the combination of high-waisted jeans and sometimes pairing it up with skirts.


    The most recognized part of the e-girl style is the hairstyle. E-girls like to dye their hair with colors like blue, pink, or other colors of the rainbow. The e-girls like to wear half-pigtails, which make the style more specific. 


    Makeup is one of the most iconic parts of the look. An e-girl mostly likes to choose heavy black-feathered eyeliner. Apart from the eye makeup, they want to put on the bright blush, which is swipe across their cheeks and nose.

    Note: The central part of their look is hand drawn x's, hearts, or artificial freckles. 


    Accessories are also the main feature of the styling, and they like unusual items to make their look attractive. Colorful hair clips and piercing are one of the main parts of the e-girl look, and they want to resemble anime characters.

    What are the styles of e-girl clothing?

    "Invest in your styling; it is the crown you never take off."

    The E-girl style took many small changes from its evolution. So, here are some styles that will give you the information and ideas about outfits.

    Anime inspired tops

    Usually, this style of clothing inspired by the anime characters, and they want to print them on their tees. Often the color scheme of this clothing is white and black, and sometimes it could be pink and white.

    Post irony tees

    The post irony theme includes any meme, quote, or silly image prints in front of the shirt to give an aesthetic look. The color scheme of this styling is usually white with a combination of any dark color.

    Mesh and transparent tops

    Transparent tops usually collaborate with the high-waisted pants. The color scheme of these tops is often from rainbow colors to attract eyes.

    Darkwave and witchy goth clothing

    These oversized t-shirts or full sleeve shirts come with any witchy print or image. The color scheme of the style usually is black to give the darkwave look.


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