Skater girl outfits

Skater girl outfits

What do you need to create a skate girl outfit?

If we look around, then many girls are coming into the skating field. So, it's not a surprise anymore when we see any girl hitting the road with a skateboard. We are glad to see that now women are following this trend. But you need the right skater look to hit the road.

Highlighted features of the skater girl outfit:

If you want to create the perfect skater girl look, here are some highlighted features that you should consider.

Get the right skater girl clothes:

You can wear anything, but the vintage clothing line is more prevalent among skaters. So, you can wear faded, fitted shirts or even tank tops. But it would look generous if you will wear a fitted top with the baggy pants. Most of the skater girls love to wear vintage clothes from the 80s or 90s era. Apart from this, try to follow these rules for bottoms;

  • For the bottom, you should choose something baggy because it would be easy to move while skating. Apart from this, loose-fitting cargos with extra pockets are also popular. But you should avoid wearing torn out clothes.
  • On the other hand, loose fitted shorts, leggings, skirts, and skinny jeans are trendy among girls. These clothing choices create a great look with matching t-shirts.
  • You can complete the look in winter by wearing a jacket, hoodies, or long-sleeved shirts. Most of the skater girls love to wear oversized hoodies and full sleeve shirts to complete the look.

Skater girl shoes:

Apart from the clothing, the shoes for the skater girls are of utmost importance. So, here are the following choices to choose the best skating shoes;

  • It will help if you choose sneakers with a flat bottom and a good grip. However, wearing ballet flats and heels is a bad idea for skating.
  • However, you can choose to wear specially designed skater shoes, canvas shoes, or sneakers. If you select canvas shoes, then you can draw some cool designs using a fabric marker. All these elements add aesthetics to the look.

Skater girl accessories:

It is good to keep the look as simple as much as you can. So, it would help if you avoid long, dangling necklaces or earrings. Apart from this, you can add;

  • Wristbands
  • Sweatbands
  • Fingerless gloves to protect the hands
  • And studded bracelets with belts give a punk look.

 Apart from this, you can wear a cap or beanie to keep the sun off your head. However, you can add a patch or pin to decorate the cap or beanie to give great aesthetics.

  • Cute skater girl looks by wearing oversized hoodies, printed t's, and perfect skating shoes.
  • Apart from this, you can choose baggy, leggings, shorts or capris as per your choice. All clothing lines are made up of soft, comfortable material with neat stitching. So, it’s best if you want to create a skater girl tumbler

Apart from the main features, here are the following elements that make the perfect skater girl look:

  • Choose the clothing range that is comfortable and practical.
  • You can rock the look by wearing graphic t-shirts and hoodies on top.
  • However, for the bottom, you can wear cargo, chino pants, or shorts.
  • Above all, you should keep the footwear classic by wearing skate shoes such as Vans or Converse.
  • Apart from this, in accessories, you can choose to wear tube socks, logo cap with a backpack.


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