Angelcore Aesthetic clothes

Angelcore Aesthetic clothes

When did the angelcore style emerge?

Angelcore clothes style was created back in 2010 when a handful of female photographers started creating shiny, subversive, and hyperfeminine photographs and posting them online, forming a whole new conception of "girl pictures".

Some people may say that it was a British photographer Juno Calipso, who made the first pink and white powder photo, which gave a start to Angelcore.


Angelcore clothes style

differs from many other aesthetics by its pure motives, innocent details, and light colors. You can notice lots of angel wings, flowy white dresses, soft grunge, soft vintage items, heavenly art, angels, bright white details when looking for Angelcore.

This style is based on angel images from the paintings of Christian times. It is not always about Christianity, but about serafims, cherubs, and cupids. It is inspired by the unearthly beauty, flowery ornaments, and sky paintings.

Angelcore style is usually common among girls. They dress in all white, light blue with printed sky and Angels on their clothing. Make up is usually as neutral as possible: glossy lips and soft looking makeup.

Angelcore aesthetic representatives are characterized by innocence, compassion, and softness. They typically illustrate this by photos in social networks, in which they encourage themselves to be naive. Teens who enjoy Angelcore are likely to find beauty in wisdom, to be gentle with animals and plants, to write sad poetry, to be good listeners, to be trustworthy, and to fall in love easily.

 Angelcore has a mainly soft, pure, and innocent visual style. Vintage, faded colors, and glitter are the key elements to meet in order to create the style.

Blue skies, clouds, white laces, angel wings, and feathers are the main prints pictured on the Angelcore style clothes. 

What Angelcore clothes are?

Representatives of the Angelcore style usually wear feminine clothes, such as pastel dresses, satin clothes in light soft colors, lace clothes, and clothes with the printed sky, clouds, and Angels.                                                                       


Accessories are usually ribbons, pearls, flower hairpins, fishnets, and any soft details. 

Such style is easy to create if you have any soft-color clothes, lace ornaments, and fine materials.

Fans of Angelcore clothes style may claim that you can dress however you want as long as you adhere to the color code, which states that white and pastel colors, that best represent this aesthetic. Ribbons may be worn in your hair or around your neck. Make sure your jewelry is light and discreet. Have a great time with the make-up. Going without make-up is also a good option.

Main visuals:

  • Angels
  • Skies
  • Butterflies
  • Flowers
  • Clouds

Main colors:

  • White
  • Pink
  • Pale blue
  • Pastel purple


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