Vintage aesthetic clothes

Vintage aesthetic clothes

Vintage aesthetic clothes: How to nail the fashion?

Vintage aesthetic clothes are all around, and you only need to identify that style. In this way, you can nail the look by wearing the right combinations. We have seen hundreds of aesthetics around us in the millennials age, whether rock, pop, goth, punk, or street style. Above all, you also have seen many celebrities who are following a specific aesthetic. Now everyone has made up mind to follow a particular type. But it always feels like fresh air when we try something new. So, in today's session of "SOMETHING NEW," we brought a vintage aesthetic.

What is vintage aesthetic style?

"Don't let fashion decide you. You are the one who will decide about fashion."

In simple words, a vintage aesthetic is like a combination of all the different styles that were available back in time. We all know the word vintage means something old. Thus, we gather beauty ideals and fashion trends to make vintage aesthetic clothes from the last few decades. So, if you have trouble dressing up, then vintage aesthetic is a perfect way to prove yourself as a fashion icon.

Reasons why vintage aesthetic is in fashion:

Vintage aesthetic is in trend due to its availability and sustainability. In this fashion, you can re-use your old clothing, shoes, and jewelry pieces to form a look. If you don't have vintage jewelry, you can buy anything that goes best with the look and is readily available. Here we are defining simple looks of this style to prove the point:

  • Look # 01: You can flaunt a look with blue jeans and a denim jacket with the tank top combination. Moreover, you can add drama to the look by wearing neck chains, beanies, and black boots.

  • Look # 02: In this look, you can use your old nude-colored monochrome outfit, or you can pair the wide-leg pants with a graphic t-shirt. Apart from this, turtleneck sweaters and denim or regular jackets can complete the look.

You don't need to have to buy high-end items to complete the vintage look. You can even buy pieces from thrift stores to keep them more sustainable and affordable.

Sources of vintage aesthetic clothes:

The main thing about this fashion is you don't need to buy anything new for this. You can create many looks by mixing and matching items that are already available in the wardrobe. So, here are primary sources of inspiration for vintage aesthetic clothes:

Y2k vintage style:

You can use your clothes of Y2K fashion to create a vintage look. Here are the following highlighted elements of this style:



Shiny boots



Low waisted trousers

Wide leg blingy trousers


The Y2K vintage look will take you back in time without buying a single new item. Paris Hilton is a famous example who is following this look nowadays.

Vintage retro fashion:

In retro fashion, shiny clothes, popping colors, oversized sweaters, and geometric pattern items are back in style. So, now you can wear puffy sleeves and broad shoulder shirts on the name of 80's retro vintage aesthetic clothes.

Vintage grunge aesthetic clothes:

The grunge fashion is all about mini crop tops, denim jackets, and mom jeans. Now, this trend is again on all over the internet. However, you can pair this look up with minimal makeup, delicate jewelry, sneakers, or platform shoes.

Vintage hippie aesthetic:

Are you a fan of wide-leg pants? If yes, then vintage hippie fashion is back in the trend. In this trend, you can wear floral shirts, mini dresses, and pointed collars again. Above all, the flared trousers and wide-leg pants have taken the place of skinny jeans. You can pair pants with a blazer, leather jacket, and cute sneakers. Apart from this, you can try following other vintage fashions that are in trend nowadays:


Soft vintage fashion

Antique dresses with romantic details like frills, wings, or butterfly

Mod fashion with straight cuts, bangs, geometric patterns

Vintage glam fashion


So, please don't wait and upgrade your wardrobe with vintage fashion because it's a trend that has remained popular for many years. Now it's your time to flaunt this look and mesmerize the world.




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