Vintage Skirts

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Here are five examples of vintage skirts that might be seen in a retro or vintage-inspired fashion style:

  1. A full, gathered maxi skirt made from a lightweight, flowy fabric such as cotton or chiffon, and featuring a floral or paisley print.

  2. A midi-length, A-line skirt made from a heavier fabric such as corduroy or denim, and featuring a solid, neutral color.

  3. A mini skirt made from a soft, stretchy fabric such as jersey or ribbed knit, and featuring a form-fitting silhouette.

  4. A pleated, knee-length skirt made from a wool or tweed fabric, and featuring a classic, professional look.

  5. A full, circle skirt made from a lightweight, flowing fabric such as chiffon or tulle, and featuring a bold, graphic print.

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