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Free Gift card for promotion
To get a free gift card, you need to have an account of at least 1000 subscribers in any social network such as facebook, instagram, twitter, youtube, tiktok or personal blog/site and place a promo code and a link to our website there If you have less than 1000 subscribers, don't be upset, just write to us and we will also consider your offer 😇
Well! It suits me! What to do next!?
In order for us to receive your offer, you need to write to email with the subject "PROMO" Consideration will take no more than 24 hours, after which we will contact you and inform you of possible options for cooperation If your social networks are suitable for us, we will contact you and issue a personal promo code.
Fine! A gift card doesn't sound bad, but what if I just want to make money?
We are ready to consider any options for both cooperation and rewards for cooperation, just write to us about it😊
What gift card can I get or how much can I earn?
Unfortunately, it depends on a large number of factors, such as your geographic location, the age of your audience, activity, the number of subscribers, and other criteria. Therefore, the amount of remuneration is determined individually.

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